Hearts On Fire Diamonds


How do you recognize perfection? Perfection that makes the heart beat faster, that beckons you from across the room.

Like love at first sight, sometimes you just know it when you see it.

Hearts On Fire captures that feeling and presents it to you in a diamond like no other, for the person like no other. A diamond cut and polished at 100X magnification, 10 times the industry standard.

But The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® is not for everyone. Hearts On Fire is for those who expect more, and give more in return.

  • For those who want to say more.
  • For those who live intensely, and love intensely. 


The Hearts On Fire story begins with only the rarest diamond crystals, selected from less than 1% of the world's gem quality rough diamonds and choosen from only conflict-free sources.

These rough diamond crystals are then touched by only the best hands. Artisans whose talents and skills meet Hearts On Fire's exacting standards are as rare as the diamonds themselves. Fewer than 400 master diamond cutters are qualified to create a Hearts On Fire diamond, and only 100 can create the patented, square cut Dream diamond.

While most manufactures use a 10x magnification process, Hearts On Fire artisans cut and polish our diamonds by hand at 100x magnification using unique, vibration-free cutting techniques and imaging software. That's 10 times the global industry standard.

Our master craftmen take four times longer to cut and poish our diamonds, taking time to create a brilliant, breathtaking work of art. One as unique and valued as the person receiving it.