Tacori Mens Wedding Bands

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From this day forward, Tacori has officially changed the way men are dressing! Tacori understands that men play sports and also dress up, so we are going back to the class of our Fathers & Grandfathers with a spike of new bands for Gentlemen. With a unique vented interior the new Tacori bands are now lighter and more stylish than ever. With unique hand-engraved signature Tacori details decorating this 7mm crescent engraved band, you will not be able to take your eyes off this stunning design!
A 6mm rounded Gentlemans band is perfect for the simple Tacori man. Diamonds line this classic ring to bring out the high-polished finish. It wouldnt be Tacori without the iconic crescent design lining the profile of this stunning wedding band.
Discover a Passionate union of wedding bands. Bind your future as a couple with this flat, high-polished band with special engraving on the exterior of the band.
Three times the style! A satin finished classic Gentleman's band accented with three high-polished engraved bands centered on a 6mm platinum band, makes for a truly phenomenal Tacori design. Our sculpted crescent design lines the inner face of the ring, to perfectly match her Tacori engagement ring.
Discover a Passionate union of wedding bands; for him and her. Subtle milligrain detail and Tacori's signature Crescent Silhouettes decorate the exterior of this flat, satin-finish Gentleman's band.
A stunning aztec inspired design will not only reflect his unqiue style but also match the bride to be's unqiue style. With intircate carvings detailed with milligrain designs this unique Gentleman's band speaks volumes to his one of a kind personality. Wth Tacori's signature crescent silhouette design on the interior of the ring there is not one inch that is left un-touched.
For the Tacori man in your life looking to express his unique style, this brand new band speaks for itself. With a truly one of a kind vented exterior, this wedding band is as classic and timeless as your loving relationship. Signature Tacori crescents line the profile of the ring to perfectly match any Tacori engagement ring.
Classic and clean! This domed Gentleman's band from our latest wedding band collection is what everyone is talking about. Designed in a 4mm solid platinum band, this unique style featuring our iconic crescent design will perfectly match your Tacori engagement ring.
This unique Tacori Gentleman's band has it all! Stunning milligrain details, an innovative new Tacori crescent design, and a high polish finish to top it all off. For the Gentleman looking to make a statement, this unique wedding band will bring his personality to life.
A band fit for a prince! Royal sapphires are channel-set within a single
Discover a Passionate union of wedding bands; for him and her. Subtle milligrain detail and Tacori's signature Crescent Silhouettes decorate the exterior of this unique, flat, satin-finish 18K red gold Gentleman's band.
Discover a Passionate union of wedding bands. Bind your future as a couple with this classic slightly rounded band featuring signature Tacori hand-engraving and milligrain detail.
This high polished Gentleman's band takes it up a notch with a horizontal checkered pattern wrapped around the exterior and smooth 18k Red gold accents within each checkered design. An eternity crescent pattern completes the interior rim of this 5mm band.
Doesn't your man deserve the best? This 6mm Gentleman's band with a hammered finish and Tacori Crescent details is a perfect way to show your man just how much you love him.
For the Tacori Gentleman looking to make a subtle statement, this stunning wedding band features intricate milligrain bead work in the center of the band with a high polish finish for an exquisite design. Signature sculpted crescents decorate the interior to match the stunning brides wedding band.
Simply sophisticated and a perfect pair with the matching ladies band, this 6mm Gentleman's band features a horizontal engraved checkered pattern around the exterior of the band.
Discover a Passionate union of wedding bands; for him and her. This rounded band is accented with hand-engraved Tacori crescent silhouette details and signature milligrain to give this ring understated style.
This Tacori Gentleman's band combines the unqiue mesch design with criss-cross detailing for a stunning wedding band with depth and dimension. Make a statement with this bold 7 millimeter wedding band from Tacori's latest collection.
Engraved crescent waves and miligrain detailing adorn the exterior of this 7mm Gentleman's band for a look that is cool and comfortable, completed with the Tacori touch of crescents in the interior of the ring.
This 6mm Gentleman's band features multiple textures of high-polished with mesh-like details creating a band that will forever remain a symbol of your union; bound as a Tacori couple.
The stylish combination of high-polished and milligrain details on this phenomenal Tacori band, will take your breath away. With a vented interior this unique wedding band allows the finger to breath and move along with every adventure life may take you.
So fresh and so clean! A high-polished 6mm crisp band offers a refreshing and timeless look that will last a lifetime. The Tacori iconic sculpted crescent design creates a stunning profile on the inner face of the ring. From the latest collection for Gentlemen, this vented ring will shine bright just like your love.
For a modern man who likes simple yet still stylish try this satin finish and a high-polished finish combination. This gentlemans band offers both for the modern man who has an eye for detail. Tucked within the interior rim of the band lays eternity engraved crescents for the added touch of Tacori.