Tacori Bridal Jewelry Catalog

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From our Dantela Collection, this unique setting creates a look that is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern, yet traditional; classic, yet unconventional. A stunning, diamond-surrounded round center stone is flanked by pave-set diamonds curving along the shoulders, with signature Tacori details along the sides for a woman with strength and sophistication.
A classic look with modern flair, a crown of diamonds surrounds an emerald-cut center stone, adding depth and dimension.
Princess likes to party! Dazzling, pave-set diamonds surround a princess-cut center diamond. Signature Tacori millwork makes this ring effortlessly special, and the double-split prongs and intricate engravings create heirloom elegance with a modern interpretation.
Glamorous and elegant, this three-stone Dantela ring triples the shimmer with a crown of diamonds intensifying the round center diamond. Signature Tacori details decorate the band for prettiness in every dimension.
Reflect her sophistication and effortless grace with subtle signature Tacori milligrain accents along criss-crossing diamond ceilings and Crescent Silhouette details on platinum for the ultimate in elegance.
From our Dantela Collection, this demure, unconventional band features a sexy criss-crossing pave-set ceiling. Round diamonds surround and enhance a princess-cut center diamond for a dramatic look with depth and dimension.
From our Dantela Collection, this unique setting creates a look that is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern, yet traditional; classic, yet unconventional. Dazzling pave and delicate milligrain detail decorate the unique criss-crossing ceiling of this high-polish band. Hand-set pave diamond spotlight enhancers which
From our Dantela Collection, this unique setting creates a look that is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern, yet traditional; classic, yet unconventional. Diamonds enhance both the look and shape of this platinum Engagement Ring. Pave dazzles along a criss-crossing ceiling, and a diamond crown gives the round center stone a cushion-cut look.
Declare your devotion with this stunning tapered princess-cut engagement ring. Channel-set princess-cut diamonds taper into trapezoids to illuminate a princess-cut center diamond. Crescent silhouettes allow light into the setting, with a delicate milligrain detail finish.
A beautiful new style from Tacori.
The beloved Tacori Dantela design is more beautiful than ever in this RoyalT collection engagement ring. A 3.50 carat round center diamond blooms with a cushion-style bloom.
From our RoyalT Collection this unique princess cut engagement ring has 1 1/2 carats in the setting alone! This amazing design will sparkle with every beat of your heart. Our signature crescent silhouette design creates stunning profile to last a lifetime.
A not so simple Tacori solitaire! A brilliant round center diamond is brought to life with stunning spotlight diamonds creating a truly royal crown for this sparkling beauty. Milligrain details decorate every inch of this Tacori engagement ring. Crescent silhouettes create a timeless and classic profile sure to please any blushing bride to be.
A romantic love story with a twist! A brilliant round center diamond sits pretty along twisting strings of diamonds for a magnificent Tacori design. Like a roller coaster diamonds twist and turn along glistening platinum panels.
Asscher-cut diamonds are set along the shoulders of this Tacori engagement ring, featuring a Princess-cut diamond at the center. A crescent shaped pattern frames the profile of the French cut style setting.
If you love rounds, you'll love this ring. Round diamonds are set in French cut style setting, halfway around the band with a clean crescent design on the profile. A round diamond stone shines at the very center. The look of this Tacori ring glows with a total round look from every angle.
A perfectly round blooming bloom highlights the 1.25 carat round diamond at the center of this French cut style setting. Round diamonds are set half way around the ceiling of the ring, and completed with a signature Tacori crescent detail in the interior of the band.
A round center diamond is set within this cushion-style double bloom, accented by pave set diamonds down the ceiling of the band. Clean crescents provide interest from the side profile, with a signature Tacori crescent at the bottom of the 3mm band.
For the one who loves twists and curves, this ribbon twist
A true dream come true for any Tacori princess. With big brilliant round spotlight diamonds surround the princess cut center diamond, this Tacori engagement ring is absolutely flawless. For a mega-diamond look this engagement ring will truly take your breath away. Tacori's signature crescent silhouette lines the profile for a stunning design to last a lifetime.
A bloom of round diamonds blooms the 3.5 carat round center of this
The ribbon twist, the princess cut, and the Tacori crescent details - what more could you want in a ring? This
Eight flowering prongs with miligrain details create a striking view in the gallery of this Round solitaire, with alternating round diamonds in the basket, and a ribbon style, pave-set diamond band. This ring from the
It is all in the details! Marquis shaped designs create the ceiling on this unique princess cut stunning beauty. With diamonds surrounding the perfectly engineered crown, this Tacori engagement ring from the RoyalT collection, cannot be missed. A true 5 table ring (can be seen 5 tables away), you will be the center of attention no matter where you go.
Meet the King of the RoyalT collection. This ring makes a statement, without saying a word. To start, an art-deco style crown of diamond baguettes frames the 3.50 carat round center diamond, while a row of channel-set and two rows of pave-set round diamonds decorate the band, to create a truly spectacular throne. Diamond crescent details show off the profile of the band, leaving no detail unnoticed.
A Tacori Girl favorite is further beautified in the
What a beauty! From our RoyalT collection, this princess cut stunner was so popular in the brilliant round version we had to make the princess cut style! Twisting classic crescent ribbons create the band on this unique engagement ring. With almost 1 carat of diamonds in the setting alone, this phenomenal design will show her just how much you care.
Meet the Queen of the
A beautiful new style from Tacori.
A beautiful new style from Tacori.
The clean cut brilliant round center diamond hovers over the intricate ribbon twisting pattern of the foundation. The diamonds on the ceiling of this amazing Tacori engagement ring seem to fold over the edge like a gentle lace-like blanket. The ring exudes a soft and feminine sensation for a lifetime of love and happiness.
The princess cut center diamond seems to be overflowing with intricate details on every inch of this engagement ring. Decorating the intertwined bands with a flourish of diamonds, this ring is truly one of a kind. The inner face is covered in a lace-like pattern, giving this Tacori engagement ring an heirloom touch.
For the first time ever Tacori offers a cushion cut diamond in a unique classic crescent ribbon twist design. Titillate the senses with twists and turns. A cushion cut center diamond elevated above the diamond encrusted woven ceiling, makes for a spectacular big diamond look. The silhouette is nothing but remarkable with diamonds that form a lace-like pattern that can be described as nothing but heavenly.
Trapezoid shaped diamonds make an emerald cut diamond dazzle with a bold look, with diamond crescents creating the prettiest of profiles.
With glamour to spare, this three stone princess ring is a bold and beautiful blast of diamonds. A pretty profile with diamond crescents and double blooms surrounding each stone make this ring distinctive and elegant.
Double the blooms and triple the diamonds for limitless shine! This ring is for the glamour girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to sparkle. Signature diamond crescents and the exposed culet give this blooming beauty the prettiest of profiles.
This blooming beauty features three stones with triple the diamonds for a glamorous yet elegant engagement ring. Two sets of pave-set diamonds bloom each of the diamonds with the classic Tacori crescent creating sizzle on the profile.
The profiles of our blooming beauties are positively divine and this double-bloom princess cut beauty is no exception. With strings of pave-set diamonds keeping the look contemporary yet heirloom, diamond crescent details make this ring an absolute stunner.
With an heirloom vibe, this ring is perfect for the vintage vamp, with an absolutely distinctive design and the prettiest of profiles-- with diamonds decorating crescent details and the exposed culet kissing a sweetheart carriage.
A cushion-shaped double bloom creates a vintage, glittering look, amping up the volume on a round center diamond. With botanical tendril details under the carriage of the center diamond, diamond crescent silhouettes decorate the sides for an engagement ring that is beautiful from every angle.
A round diamond shines in a double bloom of diamonds, with pave set diamonds arching along its gorgeous shoulders. Diamond crescent details create the prettiest of profiles, with an exposed diamond culet just kissing the sweetheart profile.
Heirloom elegance ignites and inspires on this blooming princess Engagement ring, with strings of pave diamonds bedecking the ceiling, and diamond crescent details creating a stunning, romantic profile.
A botanical-inspired sweetheart carriage makes this ring absolutely unique, with diamond crescents and supple strings of diamonds arching down the sides for a definitive, sophisticated look.
A dazzling double bloom surrounds this glamorous, diamond-bedecked ring, fit for an oval-shaped center diamond. Feminine details make this ring the ultimate in elegance.