Pink Posse - Survivor Beads

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<I>True Colors - </I>Your true and family are shining through!  Your true colors are beautiful.
<I>Sisters - </I>A sister is a gift to your heart, a friend to your spirit, and the gold ribbons of love and support.  You are my sister...You are my sunshine!
<I>Bling Thing - </I>Within this bead blooms sparkle and shine!
<I>Odyssey - </I>Enjoy an epic journey of brilliant blues and emerald greens while sharing adventures with family and friends.  On your voyage in this world you are just one person, but to many you are the world!
<I>40 Love - </I>A perfect match of faith, love and family are served up in this bead.
<I>Rain Dance - </I>With splashes of joy and swirls of happiness, this bead is all about dancing in the rain with family and friends.
<I> Fiesta - </I>Get out your maracas because this colorful, lively bead is going to make you want to Salsa!  Just remember...
<I>Faith Blooms - </I>Just as flowers grow from tiny seeds, faith blooms from a life rich in love and hope.
<I>Divine Grace - </I>Intertwined with family and friends, a twisting vine blooms with bright flowers of strength, faith and hope.
<I>Morning Glory - </I>A friend is a blessing!  Every morning of every day, the glory of faith is renewed.
<I>Finesse - </I>Deal me in on this radiant red and bold black bead!  The perfect hand is the combination of faith, family and friends.  This bead has finesse with warm thoughts and loving wishes from the heart.
<I>Ripple Effect - </I>Each deep blue wave
<I>Sand-Sational - </I>A summer stroll on the beach is inspiration for this bead!  She loves seashells by the seashore.  The sea stars sparkle in the sand for a sand-sational secret surprise.
<I>Aegean Spirit - </I>The enchanting Aegean Sea inspired this palette of colors.  Green mountains and blue seas are bathed by the warmth of the sun.
<I>Kicks - </I>This bead kicks it up a notch with strokes of faith, positive attitude and a wonderful support team.
<I>Braveheart - </I>This bead is teeming with strong, vivid red and black; inspirationally empowered with unconditional love and support.
<I>Steel Magnolia - </I>This bead is strong and resilient, yet soft and graceful with petals of family and friends all around.
<I>Live Love Laugh - </I>Look within this bead to find an intriguing and vibrant weave of life, love and laughter.  It reminds us to live every moment, love beyond words and laugh every day.
<I>Beauty Within - </I>The beauty within this bead is as beautiful as a friendship.  A friend is like a rainbow, they brighten your life when you've been through a storm.  Your garden of friends is always in bloom!
<I>Carolina Kind - </I>Carolina girls are known for their kindness, beauty and sweet southern ways.  This bead combines it all with a hint of peaceful green topped with a graceful golden touch!
<I>Butterfly Angels - </I>This bead is all aflutter with brilliant color.  Butterfly angels surround us with their beauty reminding us of the miracle of life and to ride like the wind on fluttering wings!
<I>Vivacious - </I>Electric energy abounds in this bead!  It explodes with amazing faith, compassion and appreciation.
<I>Flower Power - </I>Warm gentle breezes, a glass of wine, wind chimes hanging in a tree and a garden full of flowers brings a feeling of peace.
<I>Rounding Up Support - </I>A bead created with the spirit of a posse of strong women roped together for a common cause!