Confetti Celebration Beads

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<I>Mistletoe - </I>Celebrate Traditions!  Twinkling lights and evergreen; caroling and mistletoe… moments spent with family and friends celebrating the magic of the season.
<I>Lucky Shamrock - </I>Celebrate Wonders!  For each petal on a shamrock, a wish for you! Good health, good luck and happiness… for today and every day!
<I>Thank You - </I>Celebrate Kindness!  Thank you for being the kind of person who makes a difference in my world. Your kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much!
<I>Fireworks - </I>Celebrate Freedom!  Light up the night sky with bursts of bright colors and twinkling sparklers as we celebrate pride in our past and hope for our future!
<I>Friday Nights - </I>Celebrate Good Times!  Be spontaneous…celebrate any and everything! All it takes is family and friends to make a party happen!
<I>Thanksgiving - </I>Celebrate Family!  Holidays are more than a savory feast. They are the celebration of togetherness! A special day to give thanks for our family and friends.
<I>Easter Egg - </I>Celebrate Blessings!  If you put all your eggs in one basket, may it be a basket full of blessings; filled with bright feelings, joy and laughter!
<I>Summer Sunrise - </I>Celebrate Beauty!  Each new day begins with a sunrise that takes your breath away. Enjoy the spectacular display of God’s beauty and grace!
<I>Vacation - </I>Celebrate Memories!  Travel to new places and enjoy new adventures. The memories we make together will last long after the bags have been unpacked!
<I>Anniversary - </I>Celebrate Forever!  With you, I celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes and dreams for our tomorrow. Forever “I do”!
<I>Beach Life - </I>Celebrate Simple Pleasures!  Take time to bask in the sun, splash in the waves and relax in the sand. Life is all about simple pleasures…make them count!
<I>Grandmothers - </I>Celebrate Special Bonds!  Something magical happens when a mother becomes a grandmother! Blessed are the ties that bind generations.
<I>Birthday Wishes - </I>Celebrate Milestones!  May your birthday bring a smile to your face, happiness to your heart & many blessings to your life. Warm wishes on your birthday!
<I>Cheers - </I>Celebrate Life!  Cheers to family! Cheers to friends! Cheers to health and happiness! And cheers to a life lived to the fullest!
<I>Graduation - </I>Celebrate Achievements!  Black hats tossed in the air. Excitement, love and pride fills your heart. May your dreams always be limitless!
<I>New Years - </I>Celebrate New Beginnings!  Every new year and each new day is an opportunity to delight in all of life’s wonders. Remember to always say “I Love You”!
<I>Friends - </I>Celebrate Friendship!  The best part of life is when your family understands you a friend and your friends support you as your family.
<I>Valentine - </I>Celebrate Love!  A romantic dinner for two or a quiet night strolling beneath the stars; our moments together are precious! You are my Valentine!