Written by Trish P, Columbia South Carolina

 Wow!  What a Party!  I knew the gala would be fabulous from photos I had seen from previous years, but actually BEING there was a whole other universe!  I am blown away by all the effort that went into hosting something as special as last Monday night.  The thousands of hours it took to accomplish such an evening had to have left all of you exhausted.  The baskets of flowers, all of the beautiful and silly hats/headpieces, the food, the exquisite beads, the thoughtful words that accompanied the  bead presentation - all of it was so personal in the midst of the huge crowd and exciting chaos.  I have images of you and Debbie presenting the beads while trying to quiet the hoards, Connie and Carol hauling ice and drinks to the outside,  Wendy standing on something in the back with a camera, Lea in the back looking happy, but claustrophobic, the precious little girls hoisting the bead signs, excited and nervous recipients.  You all nailed it.


Dems is an exceptional company.  I have known most of you for many years.  I always feel so at home when I come in the store.  Things like your survivor bead program put you above all other jewelry stores.  While I don't know Debbie and Steve, the results of their management style and system of values shine through in all of you.  Thank all of you for your selfless work to make such a special event.

 Written by T. James, Nashville Tennessee

Thank you Steve and Dem's Jewelers for your unexpected generosity towards my newborn daughter. Small businesses that genuinely care about their customers lives is the real gift, and one of the main principles that built this Country to greatness. You have created some beautiful jewelry for my loved ones the past 6 years. Although I've never stepped inside Dems store or met you personally, you have a lifelong customer 450 miles away.

Written by Jude, Atlanta Georgia


I live in Atlanta and shopped at many stores. I was frustrated with the retailers in Atlanta. Someone suggested that I contact Steve from Dems Jewelers in Columbia, SC. I drove 3 hours to see Steve. He sat me down for 3 hours (yes, 3 hours) and taught me alot about ideal cut diamonds and Hearts & Arrows. He showed me the heart & arrow viewer and we compared 6 different stones in my range (.9 to 1.0 carat). We analyzed each one at length and talked about its positives/negatives. Steve also showed me an Eightstar which I was impressed with very much. I looked at each one under different lighting and even outside the store in the sunlight. There was no pressure from Steve. He answered every question I had and gave me his thoughts on our analysis of the 6 stones. We were there so long that he offered to buy me lunch. I decided on the stone I wanted. It was an AGS diamond, ideal cut. It weighed .93 with I color and VS1 clarity. It displayed the hearts and arrows under a heart and arrower viewer. I am very happy with my purchase and experience at Dems Jewelers. Steve is very professional and a credit to his industry. He is the only jeweler out of 7 that I visited that gave me attention that I deserved as a consumer. I recommend anyone to visit him no matter where you may live. It is worth the car ride and even a plane ride. You are guaranteed quality, professionalism and fairness. There are not many business people like that left anymore. I will make all my future jewelry purchases from him in the future.


 Written by Amy, Demopolis Alabama

My husband and I had several disappointing encounters with jewelers in our state. So we took the advice given by several on this forum and we drove from Alabama to South Carolina to see an Eightstar for ourselves and meet Steve Livingston. It was the best investment of our time and a fun adventure. We are especially grateful to Steve Livingston for all the wonderful and professional service he gave to us from his lovely jewelry store in Columbia. His sense of service was quite refreshing. It was great working with someone that you can trust to be honest and offer so many different choices.


Written by Nick, Laguna Beach California



I'd like to take a moment and publicly thank Steve at Dem's Jewelers. Even though we are 3,000 miles apart, he made the entire experience a dream. He always returned calls or emails promptly. He told you what was happening and most of all he was truthful and sincere. He is a true gentlemen and a complete pleasure to deal with.


Written by Toli, Seattle Washington


I chose the stone. Then, the setting process started. Steve was very helpful on that front. You see, we wanted a non-standard Tiffany-like setting in platinum. Steve and my fiancee exchanged calls and emails, and the eventual result was a beautiful ring. Steve was very prompt, and helpful throughout the entire process.


Written by Sherrie, Biloxi Mississippi


Thanks to Steve and his wonderful employee Suzy, I finally have my dream ring. Steve and Suzy put forth every effort to make my purchase a pleasant one, and I cannot thank them enough. I selected a hearts and arrows stone. For the curious minds here are the specs:
Color: G
Clarity: SI1
Carat: 2.011
Depth%: 60.7
Table%: 57
Crown Angle: 34.6
Pavilion Angle: 40.6
The mounting was a far more difficult choice to make. I originally thought I wanted a custom mounting made, until I saw Tacori's new line. After seeing it in person I knew that I didn't want anything else.

I decided to purchase some diamonds from Steve Livingston of Dems Jewelers(a 1.25 AGS000 F VS1 solitaire and a pair of 0.9 carat earrings), he was absolutely fantastic in every way and made the purchase a pleasure. Well, that was that, transaction completed 13 months ago, wife VERY happy, me happy. Last week my wife had an accident with her solitaire ring and mashed the mounting (diamond was ok). She (and I) were distraught and unsure what to do so despite having not spoken with Steve for a year I made contact. Although busy (he was on vacation/golf), he offered to repair the ring (replace the mount if required) and ship it back to me - all this he offered without prompting FREE OF CHARGE. Now this I find amazing. There's nothing in it for Steve yet he was happy to do this, even offering to do it.