From Our Table To Yours

After many years of talking about it, *The Dems Gems* decided to put together a collection of their favorite recipes.  Enjoying the scent of delicious foods and sharing our choice recipes is a favorite tradition at Dems!                

*The Dems Gems* cookbook, lovingly named From Our Table To Yours, includes many of our favorite recipes that originated from several countries.

Priced at $20.00 plus shipping (and sales tax if applicable)

Exclusively available at Dems Fine Jewelers on Lake Murray Blvd. in Irmo SC.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to the charitable arm of South Carolina Oncology Associates, the SCOA CaresFoundation. 

It is the goal of the SCOA Cares Foundation to provide assistance to uninsured and underinsured Cancer Patients in hopes that together we may achieve, “Getting you to the Bell”.